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Innovative Services from Marsh [banner]

Marsh offers a number of innovative solutions, a few of which are outlined below. For more information on any of these services, contact us today.

Webcasts on Topical Issues

New Reality of Risk is a series of webcasts in which Marsh and Marsh & McLennan Companies' experts, along with Marsh clients, share insights and experiences relating to topical risk issues. Whether it's discussing the environment and climate change; disease pandemic and terrorism; or regulation, governance and legislation, the New Reality of Risk series of webcasts provide valuable information and expert opinion on issues that could affect your business.

To access, simply complete this simple registration form - it only takes a few seconds - and you will automatically receive notice of our future New Reality of Risk briefings.

Click here to receive more information on Marsh's New Reality of Risk Webcasts.

Analysis of Your Risk Exposures

The Marsh Risk Explorer is an innovative online tool we provide for our clients, which provides businesses with a high level and easy-to-understand risk assessment at no cost. Once completed, Risk Explorer acts as a guide to help structure your risk management and insurance programs more effectively.

Click here for more information, or to request access to Marsh's Risk Explorer.

Monitoring the Security of Your Insurance Programs

A timely and dynamic one-stop tool for our clients, the Marsh Market Information (MMI) website provides easy access to the information companies need to evaluate the market security risks of their insurance programs. MMI makes it easier than ever for clients to find insurer and insurance industry credit analysis and information. It provides:

  • online access to current, top quality data and insight into the financials of more than 1,000 insurers worldwide;
  • the ability to generate customized reports and alerts about the credit quality of current or prospective insurers; and
  • objective analysis of insurance market security concerns from Marsh's financial experts.

Access the MMI website at

Click here to request more information on monitoring the security of your insurers with Marsh Market Information.

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