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A string of high-profile attacks, warnings and advice from governments and insurers, and shareholder and customer anxieties has seen cyber risk quickly climb up the corporate risk register of a number of companies across the UK and Ireland.

Nevertheless, survey results displayed in the UK and Ireland 2014 Cyber Risk Survey Report suggest that many boards have yet to engage in the strategic oversight of cyber risks, and that companies in general are lacking in sufficient levels of information with regard to their cyber exposures to be able adequately assess the risk to their business.

An analysis of this year's survey results offers insight into the impact of this information-shortage on the potential for risk mitigation and transfer of cyber risk.

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Is your property underinsured?

The cost of rebuilding your premises or replacing equipment after a major incident may be more than you think. In fact, Marsh's Valuation Services Practice finds that about 20% of companies that perform regular valuations, or have an indexation scheme in place, are at least significantly underinsured, and about 10% are severely underinsured. These percentages grow to about 60% and 30% for firms that don't regularly review the insurable value of their assets. It is rare that Marsh's team finds that companies are significantly overinsured.

Underinsurance is a critical issue: post-loss it may even mean the difference between survival and failure. If you insure for the wrong amount you may not receive the full value of your loss if you have a claim.

Marsh has prepared this Adviser document to explain the impact of underinsurance, common calculation errors and the importance of professional valuations. For further information and assistance please contact your usual Marsh representative.


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